Railroad Car PA Amplifier

OP980 PA Amplifier

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OP98X Description

Built and tested for metropolitan subway cars, the OP980 meets all rigorous needs for long term performance in all transit public address systems. The amplifier is capable of driving multiple loudspeakers with precision and safety over the wide acoustical, electrical, mechanical, and environmental conditions of a subway car.

There are four output zones to permit addressing the passenger compartment, the trainman cabins, and the left or right exterior speakers, or any combination. With 120 watts of power available, the amplifier is conservatively utilized in applications requiring up to 36 distributed loudspeakers In addition to providing unequalled fidelity and utility, the amplifier has a unique circuit that automatically adjusts the volume level relative to the background noise in the train car. This ensures intelligible messages during peak subway usage while providing moderate levels when there are few riders.

Over a thousand OP980 PA Amplifiers are in current use. In service since 2004 with zero failures in service.

OP98X Specifications


Input stage

Power Amplifier Stage

Automatic Level Adjusting




OP980 Interior

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